Australian Biological Resources Study logo The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery would like to thank the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) for providing funding in 2007-2008 to employ a Flora Writer.

The Flora of Tasmania Online would not exist without the initiative and contribution of Marco Duretto, who obtained funding to get it off the ground and wrote a significant proportion of the content for the original site.

Internal contributors include Jess Atkinson, Matthew Baker, Alex Buchanan, Lyn Cave, Mey Chin, Hannah Gamble, Alan Gray, Kim Hill, Jean Jarman, Andrea Jensz, Brian Martin, Timm Newlands, Laurence Paine, Andrew Rozefelds, Miguel de Salas and Rod Seppelt.

The Lichen Flora is a synthesis of decades of study, where literally dozens of lichenologists from around the world, too numerous to name, contributed their specialist knowledge. The author is also deeply indebted to his friends and colleagues, Patrick McCarthy, for proof-reading the near-final drafts of each lichen account, and Jean Jarman, who has been a constant source of encouragement.

The preparation of some lichen treatments was supported by the Australian Biological Resources Study’s National Taxonomy Research Grant Program (grant no. 4-EHINNOL). Please see footnotes on individual treatments.

A special thanks finally goes to the following users of the FTO in providing invaluable feedback on published accounts over the years: Anna Povey, Roy Skabo, Natalie Tapson and James Wood.