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Census of the Vascular Plants of Tasmania

The Tasmanian Herbarium publishes an annual edition of the Census of the Vascular Plants of Tasmania. This publication attempts to account for every vascular plant taxon that grows spontaneously in Tasmania, both native and naturalised.

For every taxon listed, the Census references the protologue and provides the year of publication of its name. It also attempts to account for every name applied to Tasmanian plants in the major taxonomic works that deal with the island’s flora, and provide its current equivalent.

Several Census editions are available as printable PDF documents and MS Excel spreadsheets:

Edition PDF Version Excel Version
2024 Edition
2023 Edition
2022 Edition
2021 Edition
2020 Edition
2019 Edition
2018 Edition
2017 Edition
2016 Edition
2015 Edition
2014 Edition
2013 Edition
2012 Edition
2011 Edition Not available
2009 Edition Not available
2008 Edition Not available
2004 Edition Not available
1999 Edition Not available
1995 Edition Not available
1989 Edition Not available