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Current genera

List of all genera in completed family accounts in the Flora of Tasmania Online. Treatments are available in both HTML (intended for web reading) and PDF (intended for print) versions.

Each of the table columns can be used to sort the table by clicking on the column header.

NOTE: The classification system used in the Flora of Tasmania Online follows APG II (2003), see Introduction.

Genus APG II Family (2003)
Acanthus Acanthaceae
Acer Sapindaceae
Acetosa Polygonaceae
Acetosella Polygonaceae
Acradenia Rutaceae
Acrothamnus Ericaceae
Acrotriche Ericaceae
Adonis Ranunculaceae
Agastachys Proteaceae
Allocasuarina Casuarinaceae
Alternanthera Amaranthaceae
Alyxia Apocynaceae
Amaranthus Amaranthaceae
Amsinckia Boraginaceae
Anchusa Boraginaceae
Androstoma Ericaceae
Anemone Ranunculaceae
Anodopetalum Cunoniaceae
Anopterus Escalloniaceae
Anredera Basellaceae
Aquilegia Ranunculaceae
Arbutus Ericaceae
Archeria Ericaceae
Argemone Papaveraceae
Aristotelia Elaeocarpaceae
Atherosperma Atherospermataceae
Atriplex Amaranthaceae
Australina Urticaceae
Baeckea Myrtaceae
Banksia Proteaceae
Batrachium Ranunculaceae
Bauera Cunoniaceae
Bellendena Proteaceae
Berberis Berberidaceae
Beta Amaranthaceae
Billardiera Pittosporaceae
Borago Boraginaceae
Boronia Rutaceae
Brachyloma Ericaceae
Brunonia Goodeniaceae
Buglossoides Boraginaceae
Bursaria Pittosporaceae
Calandrinia Portulacaceae
Calluna Ericaceae
Calystegia Convolvulaceae
Calytrix Myrtaceae
Carpobrotus Aizoaceae
Cassytha Lauraceae
Cenarrhenes Proteaceae
Centranthus Valerianaceae
Chenopodium Amaranthaceae
Clematis Ranunculaceae
Collomia Polemoniaceae
Comesperma Polygalaceae
Conospermum Proteaceae
Convolvulus Convolvulaceae
Coopernookia Goodeniaceae
Correa Rutaceae
Cucumis Cucurbitaceae
Cuscuta Convolvulaceae
Cyathodes Ericaceae
Cynoglossum Boraginaceae
Cyphanthera Solanaceae
Dampiera Goodeniaceae
Daphne Thymelaeaceae
Datura Solanaceae
Dichondra Convolvulaceae
Dipsacus Dipsacaceae
Disphyma Aizoaceae
Dodonaea Sapindaceae
Donatia Donatiaceae
Dracophyllum Ericaceae
Drosera Droseraceae
Dysphania Amaranthaceae
Ecballium Cucurbitaceae
Echium Boraginaceae
Einadia Amaranthaceae
Elaeocarpus Elaeocarpaceae
Elatine Elatinaceae
Emex Polygonaceae
Epacris Ericaceae
Erica Ericaceae
Erodium Geraniaceae
Erythranthe Phrymaceae
Eschscholzia Papaveraceae
Eucalyptus Myrtaceae
Eucryphia Cunoniaceae
Euonymus Celastraceae
Euryomyrtus Myrtaceae
Exocarpos Santalaceae
Fallopia Polygonaceae
Forstera Stylidiaceae
Frankenia Frankeniaceae
Fraxinus Oleaceae
Fumaria Fumariaceae
Galenia Aizoaceae
Gaultheria Ericaceae
Geranium Geraniaceae
Glaucium Papaveraceae
Glossostigma Phrymaceae
Gomphocarpus Apocynaceae
Goodenia Goodeniaceae
Grevillea Proteaceae
Griselinia Griseliniaceae
Gunnera Gunneraceae
Gyrostemon Gyrostemonaceae
Hackelia Boraginaceae
Hakea Proteaceae
Hedycarya Monimiaceae
Hemichroa Amaranthaceae
Hibbertia Dilleniaceae
Ipomoea Convolvulaceae
Isopogon Proteaceae
Kelleria Thymelaeaceae
Kunzea Myrtaceae
Lampranthus Aizoaceae
Leionema Rutaceae
Leptecophylla Ericaceae
Leptomeria Santalaceae
Leptospermum Myrtaceae
Leucopogon Ericaceae
Levenhookia Stylidiaceae
Ligustrum Oleaceae
Limonium Plumbaginaceae
Linum Linaceae
Liparophyllum Menyanthaceae
Lissanthe Ericaceae
Lithospermum Boraginaceae
Lomatia Proteaceae
Lycium Solanaceae
Lythrum Lythraceae
Maytenus Celastraceae
Mazus Phrymaceae
Melaleuca Myrtaceae
Melicytus Violaceae
Mesembryanthemum Aizoaceae
Micrantheum Picrodendraceae
Mirabilis Nyctaginaceae
Mitrasacme Loganiaceae
Monotoca Ericaceae
Montia Portulacaceae
Montitega Ericaceae
Muehlenbeckia Polygonaceae
Myosotis Boraginaceae
Myosurus Ranunculaceae
Navarretia Polemoniaceae
Nematolepis Rutaceae
Notelaea Oleaceae
Nothofagus Nothofagaceae
Orites Proteaceae
Ornduffia Menyanthaceae
Oxalis Oxalidaceae
Pandorea Bignoniaceae
Papaver Papaveraceae
Parietaria Urticaceae
Parsonsia Apocynaceae
Passiflora Passifloraceae
Pelargonium Geraniaceae
Pentachondra Ericaceae
Pentaglottis Boraginaceae
Persicaria Polygonaceae
Persoonia Proteaceae
Phebalium Rutaceae
Philotheca Rutaceae
Phyllachne Stylidiaceae
Phyllangium Loganiaceae
Physalis Solanaceae
Pimelea Thymelaeaceae
Pittosporum Pittosporaceae
Planocarpa Ericaceae
Polygala Polygalaceae
Polygonum Polygonaceae
Populus Salicaceae
Portulaca Portulacaceae
Prionotes Ericaceae
Pseudanthus Picrodendraceae
Pseudofumaria Fumariaceae
Psychrophila Ranunculaceae
Ptilotus Amaranthaceae
Ranunculus Ranunculaceae
Reseda Resedaceae
Rhagodia Amaranthaceae
Rhododendron Ericaceae
Rhytidosporum Pittosporaceae
Ribes Grossulariaceae
Richea Ericaceae
Roepera Zygophyllaceae
Rumex Polygonaceae
Salix Salicaceae
Salpichroa Solanaceae
Salsola Amaranthaceae
Samolus Theophrastaceae
Sarcocornia Amaranthaceae
Scabiosa Dipsacaceae
Scaevola Goodeniaceae
Schizacme Loganiaceae
Selliera Goodeniaceae
Sicyos Cucurbitaceae
Solanum Solanaceae
Soleirolia Urticaceae
Sprengelia Ericaceae
Stackhousia Celastraceae
Stenanthera Ericaceae
Stylidium Stylidiaceae
Styphelia Ericaceae
Suaeda Amaranthaceae
Symphytum Boraginaceae
Syzygium Myrtaceae
Tasmannia Winteraceae
Tecticornia Amaranthaceae
Telopea Proteaceae
Tetracarpaea Tetracarpaeaceae
Tetragonia Aizoaceae
Tetratheca Elaeocarpaceae
Thesium Santalaceae
Thismia Burmanniaceae
Threlkeldia Amaranthaceae
Thryptomene Myrtaceae
Thyridia Phrymaceae
Trithuria Hydatellaceae
Trochocarpa Ericaceae
Tropaeolum Tropaeolaceae
Ulmus Ulmaceae
Urtica Urticaceae
Utricularia Lentibulariaceae
Valerianella Valerianaceae
Velleia Goodeniaceae
Vinca Apocynaceae
Viola Violaceae
Wilsonia Convolvulaceae
Zieria Rutaceae